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In the Before Times, watching movies was easy. You bought a ticket, showed up at the Drafthouse with enough time to find your seat, order a beer, and catch a bit of the preshow.

Good news: You can still do that! For those of you lucky enough to have an open Alamo Drafthouse near you, we have showtimes, plus seats that want you to put your butt in them! And for all of you waiting patiently for a chance to sit in your favorite dark room, we have you covered too!

Alamo on Demand presents your new favorite thing ever… WATCH PARTIES in our VIRTUAL SCENER THEATER.

Buy a ticket to any of the “Watch Parties” listed on AOD and enjoy your favorite preshows, live hosted intros, movies, Q&As, and live events! Surprise celebrity drop-ins, themed parties, cocktails, trivia, and community. Our friends at Scener have helped to make this possible, and we look forward to seeing you in our virtual cinemaverse soon!!!

YOU MUST WATCH the film from Scener to see it Live. If you do not have Scener already, follow the instructions to download it and at the start of your movie time go to and click the “Join Party” button to enter the theater. enter image description here

You can cast to your TV, connect your computer through HDMI, or watch in your computer’s browser window through a chrome browser.

powered by ScenerHow the “Virtual Theater” works:**

  1. Go to in your Chrome browser and follow directions to “Get Scener” to add the Scener extension.

  2. Click on “Rental or Buy” listed on the watch party page to grab your ticket. You’ll get an email before the show inviting you to Our Virtual Alamo Drafthouse Theater at the date and time of your event. Click “Join Party” to jump into the theater.

  3. To save time, we recommend logging in to Alamo On Demand prior to showtime and then sit back, relax, and enjoy the Drafthouse’s complete, unique theater experience at home!


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