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Klown: The Series Season 2

10 Episodes Comedy

An unholy hybrid of Larry David and Lars von Trier. Danish comedians explore ALL taboos.

Denmark’s most beloved and notorious comedians, Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen are committed to an ongoing battle against decency and taboo. Their long-running TV series, ‘Klown,’ pits their fictional alter-egos against every possible unspeakable indignity imaginable for 60 hilariously depraved episodes.


Casa Tua


Mia wants Frank to have his sperm checked and this causes strange complications involving a children’s DVD, a porn film and a furious Iben. Casper doesn’t believe that Frank would put a pregnancy test with Mia’s pee on his kitchen table, so who’s the culprit?

Bye Bye Bodil


Frank doesn’t feel comfortable in the company of brain-injured people, but he has to help Pivert put Bodil in a treatment center as she has become brain damaged after swallowing a gigantic olive. Casper proclaims that he’s had sex with someone with Down Syndrome and tries to make Frank understand what oral sex and the alphabet have in common.

The Don Ø Business


Frank and Casper are picking up some tickets at Don Ø’s for a speedway race in Parken. Don Ø is making oatmeal balls with his grandchild, and Frank won’t eat anything made by children, which causes problems for him later. Frank also makes an impression on his female opponent, Mina, in a mixed double badminton match with Mia.

Thor's Eye


Frank tells Joan Ørting that he’s insatiable in bed. Joan doesn’t think he’s being quite honest and encourages him to do something about any sexual problems he may have. Frank and Casper think that women have reduced men to pack mules and now Frank wants a Harley like Casper, but first Frank has to pass the Brotherhood’s manhood test, Thor’s Eye. At the same time Mia’s aunt is ill, and Frank’s signature has fatal consequences.

The Royal Court Jester


Frank mislays his Mont Blanc fountain pen, which has annoying consequences for Casper at the restaurant Spiseriet. At the same time Lars von Trier and Peter Aalbæk are embarrassed. Mia has a visit from a representative of the royal family, and Frank gets into trouble with a shaver, intimate shaving and barber’s itch.

It's a Jungle Down There


Iben and Mia attend a masturbation class for women with Pernille Højmark. Casper and Frank give the impression that they support it, but take too close a look. Carøe has sent his porn magazine with hairy women to Frank, which somehow mysteriously ends up at Miss Moss’.

The Ambassador


Frank and Mia are buying a new sports car. Does Tim Christensen have anything to do with it? Lars Hjortshøj, who’s just been appointed H.C. Andersen ambassador, gets into trouble with his au pair. Frank buys panties, Iben is muzzled and everything ends up quite differently to what than anyone had imagined.

Carøe's Christening


Unfortunately, Frank’s penis plays a central role at Carøe’s christening. Iben carries the child, Mia is terrified and Carøe’s wife, Susan, won’t have anything to do with Frank’s christening cake. But in any case, Frank thinks that the name Niko will give the child problems later, and Mia’s song now gets a totally different meaning.

The Irma Girl


Frank thinks he gets too little sex, and Stig Rossen’s female friend would like to help. Casper is envious and Frank ends up in a super-market where Frank, with Iben’s sanitary towels in his arms, looks a bit too closely at the young shop assistant’s arse. When Mia finally wants to have sex, Frank ends up at the chiropractor and it turns out that he knows her from before.

The Summer House


Casper, Frank, Iben and Mia are going to a summer house. Due to quarrels, the girls want to drive there alone. Frank and Casper drive together and pick up a couple of young hitchhiking girls along the way. This leads to wine on the beach, and Frank fails to make Mia pregnant on this occasion.

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