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Klown: The Series Season 3

10 Episodes Comedy

An unholy hybrid of Larry David and Lars von Trier. Danish comedians explore ALL taboos.

Includes episodes: The Rosé Curse, London Kashmir, Pepino & Pepito, Darling Nina, 100 Days in Forum, Biggie Blackie, Long Live Democracy, The Kennedy of Gays, An Accountant Smurf CD, & Merry Christmas, Frank.


The Rosé Curse


Casper has left Iben and moved to a hotel. And Mia is finally pregnant. Frank makes decisions that question whether he likes women or men, and a bag of pork rinds causes him to fall out with an accountant, a Muslim and a tax man. And are there explanations enough to defend Frank running around in his underwear in public?

London Kashmir


Frank is offered a membership of Casper’s beer club, a men’s club where the realities of life are discussed. An argument about a sweater with one of the beer club’s old members, Jarl Friis Mikkelsen, unfortunately jeopardizes his admission to the club. Mia and Frank end up in a grief therapy group, and Frank has problems with a cat, Susan and his bowel movements.

Pepino & Pepito


Carøe has provided golf pants for all of the members of the beer club, and suddenly there are complications with Ib Michael’s pants, white powder and a puppy. At the same time Casper and Frank act as clowns at a child’s birthday party where Casper has trouble controlling his urges, which makes Frank worry about his satellite dish.

Darling Nina


Casper and Frank are at the trap shooting course to practice shooting. Here they meet Sofie Lassen Kahlke, to whom Casper offers a lift. Frank ends up walking home and has problems with Mein Kampf and Eddie Skoller’s cleaning lady. Casper and Frank have a meeting with Flemming Enevold about turning ”Far From Las Vegas” into a musical, and suddenly Casper wants Sofie to be in it?!!

100 Days in Forum


Frank fears for his health. He has pain in his behind and he has trouble sitting still for extended periods. The concerned Mia thinks his bottom has to be checked. Klaus Riskær decides to sponsor the staging of ”Far From Las Vegas” as a musical. But his terms are painful. Before long Frank has fallen out with the entire ”Far From Las Vegas” crew and Martin Brygmann.

Biggie Blackie


Casper and Frank have entered the horse-racing business and invested in a race horse called Biggie Blackie. Unfortunately, they get into trouble with the jockey’s size, traffic wardens and black banking consultants. And Mia reveals erotic secrets from her past.

Long Live Democracy


A general election is imminent and Frank loyally helps his father-in-law with his campaign for the Centre Democrats. This makes Frank fall out with the Unity List. The beer club has established a partnership with Carlsberg over the production of a new beer. The purchase of a pair of shoes, which are far too small, unfortunately gives Frank problems while at an important meeting with Carlsberg’s board. Moreover Claire’s neo-religiosity reaches distressing new heights. Frank’s only consolation is a lovely champagne saber.

The Kennedy of Gays


Klaus Bondam is helping make Frank’s road a low-speed road, but suddenly the police become involved and Frank’s obstinacy, yet again, sets everything on the road to disaster. For personal reasons Mia gives Frank some new gloves. Casper, who’s had sex with almost all nationalities, tries to get China on his world map, and then Frank’s sealskin gloves and high level of hygiene enter into the picture.

An Accountant Smurf CD


Frank and Mia fancy the same summer house as Carøe and Susan, which puts the couples’ friendship to test. Frank and Casper shop for erotic toys and become involved in an incident concerning a Smurf CD, and the police, and puts a driver’s license in jeopardy. Unfortunately, Frank’s parents-in-law witness all of this.

Merry Christmas, Frank


Frank is going to the bank with Mia’s turnover from the tea shop, but it all goes wrong and he ends up without his mobile phone. He has, however, just managed to send Mia a declaration of love - unfortunately to the wrong number. Christmas Eve, children dressed as pixies, a furious Iben, Swedish fermented herring, a bank robbery and a paralysed, braindead Bodil with a Santa beard become a part of Christmas which, after all, is the season of joy.

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