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Klown: The Series Season 4

10 Episodes Comedy

An unholy hybrid of Larry David and Lars von Trier. Danish comedians explore ALL taboos.

Includes episodes: Young Hearts, Home to Dad, Midsummer Eve, Bornholm, Ditmark the Monkey, Jarl’s Death, Pivert’s Bachelor Night, Hello Sweden, Tango for Three, & Oops.


Young Hearts


Frank impresses with his knowledge of the duodenum, Casper agrees to act as a DJ at a benefit for Amnesty International, and Mia is occupied with new perennials for the garden. At the same time a group of young female students turn Frank and Casper’s heads, and they experience an eventful game of flirting, lies and colostomy bags.

Home to Dad


Frank and Casper are visiting Frank’s childhood home. The countryside is lovely and they buy the sidecar motorcycle which Mia has always wanted. But shortly after, Frank and Casper find themselves in a maelstrom of accusations involving stories of storks, a brothel, and friendship with a pedophile.

Midsummer Eve


Frank is celebrating Midsummer Eve with his parents-in-law, who for a long time have suspected that Frank is the cause of Mia’s childlessness. It starts out fine, but before long Frank is responsible for a family tragedy involving his mother-in-law’s wedding dress, second-degree burns, fart bacteria and a triumphal arch.



Casper, Frank, Mia and Iben are on the island of Bornholm. They want to buy a house, but they have to gain the approval of the owner first. They all try to make a good impression. Frank thinks that the girls should flirt with the owner. Frank would even show his balls if that’s what it took. But he gets into trouble with a bag of frozen shrimps, stomach trouble and a memorial ceremony for the Danish Resistance.

Ditmark the Monkey


Frank and Casper have decided to sponsor Ditmark the monkey in the zoo. Wit ha bit of pressure Casper is given more privileges than most sponsors would normally have. And on a night on the town they get carried away and end up in the zoo with two girls. This gets Frank and Casper into trouble with a monkey gate, a pair of panties and a furious accountant.

Jarl's Death


Frank and Casper are out bowling with Jarl Friis Mikkelsen. Things happen and the three of them meet later at a sad event where Michael Meyerheim gives a speech. At the same time, a person who is close to Frank is quite unexpectedly caught shoplifting. An episode which results in Frank having an exchange with news reporter Poul Erik Skammelsen.

Pivert's Bachelor Night


Pivert and Bodil are getting married. Frank and Casper are invited. Casper thinks he’s done enough charity work this year and declines. But a young girl enters the picture, and Frank and Casper are suddenly involved in a bachelor night where Pivert, adorned with breasts, is selling kisses in the shopping centre, and Casper goes crazy due to a mix-up in his blood group diet.

Hello Sweden


Frank and Casper have invited Lars Hjortshøj to join their firm. They’re going to get together on a trip to Sweden. Sweden offers lovely girls, fish in the lake and camp fires at night. But Lars gets into trouble with a Swedish girl, and before long the three of them are on the run in the Swedish forest pursued by the Swedish youngsters.

Tango for Three


Frank and Casper attend celebrity karate with Jimmy Jørgensen, Alexander Kølpin and Jan Gintberg. Peter Gantzler trains the team and demands strict discipline. That’s definitely not Frank’s cup of tea. At the same time problems arise with one of Michael Laudrup’s feet, and the story ends in Southern eroticism, lies and an ethical dilemma.



Vibeke Windeløv casts Casper as Captain Haddock in a big American film. Kissing in a bicycle cab, sleeping in a strange home and washing with a wet tissue endanger Mia and Frank’s relationship. And Mia wants to have the gully trap fixed. Casper meets his unknown half-brother for the first time, and in a special way he and the gully trap influence Casper’s career in the USA.

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