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Klown: The Series Season 5

10 Episodes Comedy

An unholy hybrid of Larry David and Lars von Trier. Danish comedians explore ALL taboos.

Includes episodes: Young Hearts, Home to Dad, Midsummer Eve, Bornholm, Ditmark the Monkey, Jarl’s Death, Pivert’s Bachelor Night, Hello Sweden, Tango for Three, & Oops.


Mamma Mia


Frank and Mia want to adopt a child and have to be approved by the adoption agency. Frank considers volunteering as Santa Claus in the fencing club, and Mia does her best to make Frank seem likable. Lars Hjortshøj and Tina Bilsbo want to help them, but when they touch on experimental adult sex, the mood changes and their best attempts have fatal consequences.

More Cheese, Christian Braad Thomsen?


Casper and Frank think that the government does nothing to help the elderly and artists. They start a think tank with some of the old regulars like Leif Sylvester, Susanne Brøgger and Ib Michael. They want to change the development. Frank and Mia want to develop their sex life. But in spite of best intentions, Frank ends up in the most challenging situations where lubricant, old ladies and the Danish People’s Party are involved.

White House Potential


Mia takes private lessons in Mensendieck with 60-year-old Jønne, and she promises to feed his fish while he’s away. Casper thinks he has White House potential because 95% of everything he says is right. Frank is more sceptical, and before long two girls from the Eastern Bloc, Jønne’s Jacuzzi, a flooded flower bed, and an angry Iben are involved in the idiotic complications that may question Casper’s White House potential.

Thank You for the Swan Eggs


Casper and Frank are working on a manuscript that Bille August is interested in. They want to go to Malaga to write, just like in the old days. Mia is taking life-drawing lessons, but she doesn’t think that Frank supports her creative work. He is more preoccupied by the man who was her model. We learn how long it takes before you can use a stranger’s bathroom, whether Iben has kissed someone else and what the thing is with the life-drawing model, before Frank and Casper return.

The Japanese Garden


Casper and Iben are getting married at a depth of eight metres in Thailand. The friends are taking a diving certificate, and Frank is proud of his role as best man. Frank helps Casper clear up the sweet days of his past with Signe Lindkvist. But Lars Hjortshøj’s cold sore gets in the way, and the wedding is in jeopardy.

The Wizard of Frederiksberg


Casper has been admitted to the Serapia Order and has invited Peter Reichardt along. But to Frank’s great disappointment there’s no room for him. However, because Frank has written a Lord of the Rings analogy on the politicians in the parliament for a newspaper, he’s invited to join the role playing society “The Ring Spirits”. Frank is proud that he’s also a part of something secret. But internal struggles end in a drama, a scar on one of Mia’s breasts and a furious Casper.

Listen, Frank


Frank and Mia are going to China. Frank is worried about Muffi because he’s going to be looked after with Morten Olsen’s dog. But perhaps Muffi can be useful to Mia’s friend who has just experienced a nasty break-in. At the same time Frank and Casper have taken up fencing, and people are talking about impotence and Viagra, but Frank doesn’t want to listen.

Congratulations, Frank


Frank is turning 40 and this is going to be celebrated in style at Hotel Josty. Casper has been his best friend for 11 years and is going to be the toastmaster. But when he offers his sperm so that Mia and Frank can have a child, the mood changes. At the same time Frank ruins the possibility of Mia getting to live near her little niece. Frank’s birthday is a success, but an important person is missing.

The Shedding Muff


Frank and Mia are giving each other advent presents at Christmas-time, and Frank gets a pair of skates which become the cause of a major commotion at the skating rink. Frank’s attempt to save the situation and stick to his principles makes the complications worse. But before the day is out, Frank shows himself as the great benefactor, but who laughs last, laughs longest.

Surprise Mia


Casper and Iben are going to the BAFTA awards, and Iben is bringing all of her LV bags. Mia doubts whether Frank loves her and if he’d rather be with someone who’s known in the business. Frank and Mia are visiting Stig Rossen and his new girlfriend, and Frank is in doubt about how much money Mia’s love is worth. Frank arranges a surprise party for Mia to assure her of his love. However, Mia ends up in the bathroom, but maybe a LV bag can save the situation.

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