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Klown: The Series Season 6

10 Episodes Comedy

An unholy hybrid of Larry David and Lars von Trier. Danish comedians explore ALL taboos.

Includes episodes: Yummy, Shut Up, Rush Shoes and the Egg, Mrs. Once-in-a-while, Monsieur Le Boss, The Castle of Deceit, The Bispebjerg Trick, A Mug for a Hug, The Amateurs, & False Shit Alert.




Frank and Mia’s life has stagnated, and Casper has buried himself under the cover of depression. Frank buys a video camera, but Casper doesn’t understand what he wants to film when nothing exciting happens in their lives anymore. But then a snow-white drama takes place in Mia’s tea shop. Allegations, friendships and alibis are examined, and in an exciting way Frank’s camera becomes central to the solution.

Shut Up


Mia is appointed Fair Trade dealer. This involves an attractive, Ethiopian woman who has Frank’s full attention, and before long he’s caught up in a whirlwind of charity and lust. Casper struggles on with his serious depression and thinks that Lars Hjortshøj owes his success to Casper. Opinions are divided on the question. Everyone strays into embarrassing absurdities, and what is left is a lost friendship, an exiled Tibetan monk and Frank’s ardent interest for the black woman’s light inside.

Rush Shoes and the Egg


Mia wants a new chair, but Frank doesn’t see any reason in investing in expensive furniture. He thinks the money would be better spent sharing a lawnmower with their neighbour. But the contents of Frank’s nesting box gets in the way of neighbourliness, and Frank embarks on his own sweet revenge, pretending among other things, to be one of the Muhammad cartoonists. Before long a highly dangerous situation arises in their home, and Mia curses Frank’s rush shoes.

Mrs. Once-In-A-While


Mia and Frank have moved in with Mia’s parents. They try to find ways to still enjoy their private life. Casper’s depression is now so serious that he’s been hospitalised, and Frank faces a dilemma: should he give priority to sex or his sick friend? Frank and Mia’s ongoing efforts to find time alone are thwarted, and Frank realizes that his father-in-law has more sex than he does.

Monsieur Le Boss


Mia has invited Frank to spend the weekend at Skodsborg Hotel. Something comes in the way and to go through with the trip, they become partners in crime. Casper gets lost on Sealand, and Frank has to have him hospitalised again. Everything seems to be under control, but a ping-pong match, the Kama Sutra, and German colonic irrigation are more than Mia can take.

The Castle of Deceit


Frank, Mia, Iben and Casper go on a weekend trip to Dragsholm castle with Lars Hjorthøj and his wife, Tina. The girls are looking forward to having a pleasant time, and the boys are looking forward to some men’s talk, hunting and a little joint. But already on their arrival, Frank makes a nuisance of himself, and before long the fascinating waitress, Louise, is the centre of sexual fantasies and accusations of murder. But everything is put into the shade when a hitherto unknown connection between Lars Hjortshøj and Vibeke Hartkorn is revealed.

The Bispebjerg Trick


Frank and Mia are looking at a house. The former owner’s wife is dead, but the body was never found. Frank finds a bone in the garden, and his stubborn insistence on having the bone checked affects his and Mia’s enjoyment. The same happens when Niels Hausgaard lets Frank and Casper in on the secret behind ”the Bispebjerg trick”, which is the closest you can get to having sex with a someone other than your partner without being unfaithful.

A Mug For A Hug


Casper is still struggling with his low spirits and unable to work. While Frank is waiting impatiently for his colleague to get better, he wearily lends Mia a hand in the tea shop. To his great pleasure he has an offer from The Boys from Angora, but he declines because Casper suddenly wakes up and announces his plans about a joint project, “Copenhagen Showboat”. Casper is back in the game and Frank is happy. Mia doesn’t care as she’s preoccupied with a visit by her 12-year-old nephew. Frank thinks there’s something strange about the relationship between Mia and her nephew, and Frank’s attempt to make Mia understand it sends him straight back to the tea shop.

The Amateurs


Frank and Mia have moved to the country and they go to a cattle show with Casper. Mia leaves before the boys, and the next morning she sees a cow tied to a tree in her garden. Frank and Mia want to make some acquaintances among the locals, and they agree to take part in the town’s annual amateur performance. Frank isn’t quite satisfied with the woman he’s acting with, and his attempt to get things the way he wants them has consequences for making new friends in the country.

False Shit Alert


Frank, Mia, Casper and Iben have gone skiing at New Year’s when they bump into Pivert and Bodil. During a pleasant evening they touch on the subject of orgasms, and they all realize that Mia has never had an orgasm with Frank. Casper thinks that Frank should propose to Mia to make her feel really safe with him. The proposal is planned in every detail, but Frank creates a really shitty situation, and that’s not the best starting point for a happy ending.

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