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The Best of Klown: The Series Season 1

10 Episodes Comedy

10 of Frank and Casper’s favorite episodes from the 6 seasons.

10 favorites curated by stars/creators Frank Hvam, Casper Christensen and Drafthouse Films. Includes episodes: Merry Christmas Frank, The Wizard of Frederiksberg, A Mug For A Hug, The Shedding Muff, False Shit Alarm, Biggie Blackie, Surprise Mia, 100 Days In Forum, London Kashmir, & The Irma Girl.


Merry Christmas Frank


Frank is going to the bank with Mia’s turnover from the tea shop, but it all goes wrong and he ends up without his mobile phone. He has, however, just managed to send Mia a declaration of love - unfortunately to the wrong number. Christmas Eve, children dressed as pixies, a furious Iben, Swedish fermented herring, a bank robbery and a paralysed, braindead Bodil with a Santa beard become a part of Christmas which, after all, is the season of joy.

The Wizard of Frederiksberg


Casper has been admitted to the Serapia Order and has invited Peter Reichardt along. But to Frank’s great disappointment there’s no room for him. However, because Frank has written a Lord of the Rings analogy on the politicians in the parliament for a newspaper, he’s invited to join the role playing society “The Ring Spirits”. Frank is proud that he’s also a part of something secret. But internal struggles end in a drama, a scar on one of Mia’s breasts and a furious Casper.

A Mug For A Hug


Casper is still struggling with his low spirits and unable to work. While Frank is waiting impatiently for his colleague to get better, he wearily lends Mia a hand in the tea shop. To his great pleasure he has an offer from The Boys from Angora, but he declines because Casper suddenly wakes up and announces his plans about a joint project, “Copenhagen Showboat”. Casper is back in the game and Frank is happy. Mia doesn’t care as she’s preoccupied with a visit by her 12-year-old nephew. Frank thinks there’s something strange about the relationship between Mia and her nephew, and Frank’s attempt to make Mia understand it sends him straight back to the tea shop.

The Shedding Muff


Frank and Mia are giving each other advent presents at Christmas-time, and Frank gets a pair of skates which become the cause of a major commotion at the skating rink. Frank’s attempt to save the situation and stick to his principles makes the complications worse. But before the day is out, Frank shows himself as the great benefactor, but who laughs last, laughs longest.

False Shit Alert


Frank, Mia, Casper and Iben have gone skiing at New Year’s when they bump into Pivert and Bodil. During a pleasant evening they touch on the subject of orgasms, and they all realize that Mia has never had an orgasm with Frank. Casper thinks that Frank should propose to Mia to make her feel really safe with him. The proposal is planned in every detail, but Frank creates a really shitty situation, and that’s not the best starting point for a happy ending.

Biggie Blackie


Casper and Frank have entered the horse-racing business and invested in a race horse called Biggie Blackie. Unfortunately, they get into trouble with the jockey’s size, traffic wardens and black banking consultants. And Mia reveals erotic secrets from her past.

Surprise Mia


Casper and Iben are going to the BAFTA awards, and Iben is bringing all of her LV bags. Mia doubts whether Frank loves her and if he’d rather be with someone who’s known in the business. Frank and Mia are visiting Stig Rossen and his new girlfriend, and Frank is in doubt about how much money Mia’s love is worth. Frank arranges a surprise party for Mia to assure her of his love. However, Mia ends up in the bathroom, but maybe a LV bag can save the situation.

100 Days In Forum


Frank fears for his health. He has pain in his behind and he has trouble sitting still for extended periods. The concerned Mia thinks his bottom has to be checked. Klaus Riskær decides to sponsor the staging of ”Far From Las Vegas” as a musical. But his terms are painful. Before long Frank has fallen out with the entire ”Far From Las Vegas” crew and Martin Brygmann.

London Kashmir


Frank is offered a membership of Casper’s beer club, a men’s club where the realities of life are discussed. An argument about a sweater with one of the beer club’s old members, Jarl Friis Mikkelsen, unfortunately jeopardizes his admission to the club. Mia and Frank end up in a grief therapy group, and Frank has problems with a cat, Susan and his bowel movements.

The Irma Girl


Frank thinks he gets too little sex, and Stig Rossen’s female friend would like to help. Casper is envious and Frank ends up in a super-market where Frank, with Iben’s sanitary towels in his arms, looks a bit too closely at the young shop assistant’s arse. When Mia finally wants to have sex, Frank ends up at the chiropractor and it turns out that he knows her from before.

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